Vial Adapter for Comfort-in™ Suitable for 5ml and 10ml Insulin Vials (5)


Our needle-free vial adapter with three (3) prongs is suitable for vials that have a crimped diameter of up to 14mm.
The needle-free sterile vial adapter enables the transfer of pharmaceutical liquids from vials (with a crimped diameter of 14mm) to the Comfort-in™ needle-free syringe/nozzle. The vial adapter is then pressed firmly onto the tip of the vial and then the syringe/nozzle can be screwed into the Comfort-in™ vial adapter. Once the contents of the vial have been used up, the vial adapter and the vial are disposed of.

Suitable for 10ml insulin vials and all other vials which have a crimped diameter of 14mm.

This 14mm adapter is made specifically to be used with the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system.

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Luer Adapter for Comfort-in™

Box of 5.

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5, 30


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