Virtually painless 
Injections are painless, unlike those done with all sharp needles.

Injectable vitamins and vitamin B12
You can use it also for insulin for dogs, dental anesthesia, weight loss , IVF hormone injections, trimix injection and other injectable liquids.
Simple and easy to use 
Very safe and extremely easy to use, even for kids or on pets .
No Tissue Damage
No skin or scar tissue damage, like with regular needle injections.
No need to Fear
Reduces the psychological inhibitions associated with needles.
Reliable products 
Requires no batteries or gas replacements, and will work up to 10,000 shots.
Stress free 
Eliminates injection-induced stress, such as with normal shots.
No needle stick Injuries
No infections from needle sticks to either the patient or the physician.
Cost Effective
Cheaper than regular syringes and needles over the long term.


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