Who Can Benefit from Needless Injections

Needleless Injections

Dentists: Patients have a harrowing experience at their dentist what with the pain; additionally the stressful waiting makes them nervous. The dentist has the concern of tumultuous drills – patients moans and shouts for the pain caused by injections and many other issues. The Comfort-in TM eliminates all this with certain other benefits. The needle-free product, apart from inflicting no pain, delivers the anaesthesia below the vascular tissues and safely bypassing the mucous membranes. The dispersal of the dose is faster and accurate, and well administered. Effective concentration-effect lasts for a more extended period, thus making the dentist’s task easy. With lower doses, there is a reduction in the side effects, but at the same time administering the treatment efficiently. Needle-free jet-propelled Comfort-inTM technology has been researched and tested for its efficacy.

Comfort-in™ Podiatrists

Podiatrists: Injections in sensitive areas like the recesses between two fingers, nail sides, and other sensitive foot areas are a great source of agony while getting injected. Needle-free injection is a need for podiatrists for all types of foot treatments – gout, a verruca, ingrown toenails, plantar foot nails, and a host of other foot ailments needing injections, can be done pain-free with a needle-free injection system. The needle-free injecting system removes all fears and phobias of needle pain. They are happy and more confident to use this needle-free injection system to administer antibiotics, anaesthesia, and other drugs. The Comfort-inTM delivers the medicine in one-third of a second through a tiny bore of 0.15 mm diameter with a high-velocity jet – penetrating the skin while providing the dose in a pain-free and safe manner.

Veterinarians: The adorable and selfless pets always make us cry due to their sufferings. One pain when we go to the veterinarian is for our pet, another pain that upsets us is the needle being forced into the pet’s body. With restless pets, the doctor also is apprehensive while injecting the needle in their bodies – that the needle may break or turn. This agony for all the three – the pet, the doctor and the pet owner can be avoided by changing the method of injecting the medicine. Whether insulin, vaccination, anaesthesia or any injectibles the veterinarian can inject this with ease, safety and no pain to the pet by using the Comfort-inTM jet-based injection system which injects the medicine in a fraction of a second.

Comfort-in™ Veterinarians
Comfort-in™ Beutician

Beauticians: A Comfort-inTM needle-free injection in beauty treatment eliminates many problems at later stages like, for example, the post-treatment marks. Comfort-in™ is used for needle-free beauty injections in aesthetic and beauty; skin clinics to put in botulinum toxin type A, collagen, fat-burners, subcutaneous medications, local anaesthesia, hyaluronic acid and other beauty injections without a needle. The applications of this technology are extensive – mesotherapy, delivery of nutrients, anaesthetic drugs etc. Nobody prefers pain-inducing injections, whether antibiotics, vaccinations or anaesthesia. But Comfort-inTM gives a few more advantages other than pain elimination for cosmetic surgeons – gentle method thus inducing a positive feeling, fast delivery of medicines, no post-operative marks, no needle stick injuries and many others.

The Comfort-in™

Salient features:

  • Transparent syringe without a needle.
  • Jet force system.
  • Delivers .15 mm diameter orifice.
  • Essential Disposable Parts:
    • Silitop (for injections in areas with Less fat such as Forehead)
    • Luer adapter (for drugs in soft Packaging)
    • Vial adapters 14mm or 22mm
  • Delivery time: 1/3rd of a second.
  • Capacity:5 ml variable dose
  • For certifications and specs: https://injectneedlefree.com/compare-jet-injector/

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