What Are Vial Adapters and What Are They Used For?

Dental Adapter

The dental adapter is for transportation of local anaesthesia in a dental clinic, gently threaded to the dental syringe instead of the hypodermic needle.

Pen Adapter

The pen adapter is for transportation of medicine sold in pens cartridges such as insulin, hormone.

Vial Adapter (14mm)

Vial adapter (14mm) is for transportation of medicine sold in vials such that the crimped diameter of their tip is 14mm as per most insulin vials.

The vial adapter is then pressed firmly onto the tip of the vial and then the syringe/nozzle can be screwed into the Comfort-in™ vial adapter.

Once the contents of the vial have been used up, the vial adapter and the vial are disposed of.

Suitable for 10ml insulin vials and all other vials which have a crimp-diameter of 14mm.

This 14mm adapter is made specifically to be used with the Comfort-in™ needle free injection system.


Is mainly used with vials with a crimped diameter larger than 14mm (up to 22mm). It looks like a thumb tack that needs to be pushed into the membrane of the vial, it has no lid for preventing spills or air getting into the vial.

The T-Adapter is pressed firmly onto the head of the vial and then the syringe/nozzle can be screwed into the T-Adapter.

Once the contents of the vial have been emptied, the T-Adapter and the vial are disposed of.

Luer Adapter

The Luer adapter is a universal adapter for the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system.

  • Attach a needle (hypodermic) to the Luer Adapter’s tip and you can use it with absolutely anything and any type of vials available.
  • Without a needle the Luer Adapter fits soft-pack for saline solution and local anaesthesia (Lignocaine).

It has a lid for preventing spills and air getting in the vial if needs to be kept for more than single use.

It enables you to fill our needle-free syringes with liquid medications from any commercially available containers e.g. snap-off breakable glass ampoules, any small or large vials including soft-pack for saline solution and Lignocaine.

First, to attach the luer adapter to your medication, insert the cone-shaped tip of the adapter into the soft-pack vial, or into the cannula.

Then, open the lid of the adapter and screw the syringe/nozzle into the adapter clockwise, until it locks.

Next, slowly pull out the plunger of the syringe until it is filled with the desired dose of medication.

Then, remove the needle-free syringe/nozzle from the adapter by unscrewing it counter-clockwise.

Positioning Cap FLAT for Comfort-in™

The Comfort-in™ flat positioning cap for the needle-free injection system is a soft yellow silicone tip, that is attached to the Comfort-in™ syringes aka nozzles when used for cosmetic or dental applications, which is used to reduce the pressure when the injection is released.

Positioning Cap CURVED for Comfort-in™

The curved positioning caps have been designed for the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system, to allow angled injections and to position the injector on an angle other than 90 degrees against the injection site. It makes palatal injections possible when the Comfort-in™ is used by dentists.

Syringes / Nozzles

The Comfort-in™ needle-free syringe (or needle-free nozzle) is a single-use syringe with a transparent body, capable of holding any dose from 0.01ml (1 unit) up to 0.5 ml (50 units) of any given liquid medication, with a plunger to discharge the medication through a micro-orifice at the tip of the nozzle