What are needle-free injections?

Needle free injection

A needle-free injection occurs when the injectable medicine eg (insulin, hormones, local anesthesia and more) is pushed into the body through the skin by a combination of pressure and high velocity from a syringe without a needle that has been specially designed for this purpose.

It has a very small exit orifice of  0.15mm. This high-velocity jet injection is strong enough to penetrate the skin in less than one-third of a second and fast enough to administer the medication safely and virtually pain-free.

Needle free injections tutorial videos are available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

True needle-free injections have revolutionized the way everyday people go about receiving or administering injectable liquid medicine. ‘Needle-free’ truly means that there is no needle present as part of the device. Yes, that’s right! No sneaky needle popping out at the last second, nor is there a microscopic needle that’s secretly tucked away.

Needle-free injections can be powered by a spring which is safe, easy to carry and easy to use. Needle-free injections can also be powered by gas, high-pressure air, and electricity.

What is Comfort-in™️ and how does it work?

Comfort-in™️ is a spring operated needle-free injection system. This system is a type of medical injecting syringe that uses high-pressure – it uses the narrow jet of the injected liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to penetrate the epidermis (skin).

Comfort-in™️ is a compact system and delivers up to 0.5ml (50 units) of any liquid medication, it can also be referred to as a jet injector. It is ideal for personal use to self-administer insulin, hormones, vitamin B-12 and other liquid injectable grade medication.

In regards to personal use, Comfort-in™️ is an astonishing device that has given individuals with needle phobia the confidence and reassurance to receive or self-administer medication via the needle free injection system. It gives needle phobics the power to receive vaccinations or to allow their medical health professional,  to administer local anesthesia to perform simple procedures such as stitches.



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