General Surgery & Professional Procedures

A needleless injection can be used by surgeons, doctors, and nurses instead of a needle to administer anesthesia needed for a variety of different surgical procedures. General surgery using a needles injector has been considered safe and easy.

There are two types of professional users - Single Use, Multiple Users.

1. Single use:

The surgeon/dentist or podiatrist will use the needleless system as a “Pre-numbing” stage. A comfortable head starter for preventing anxiety and pain, later on to continue with the conventional syringe and needles.

Fill the nozzles with local anaesthesia and keep them ready for use, “with intentions to discard the nozzle after it came in contact with the patient”.

In a dentist office:

  • There will be a dedicated conventional syringe with a dental adapter “permanently “ attached.
    In a Surgery
  • There will be one Luer adapter or T Adapter only as a filling station.
    “A practitioner will NOT return a used nozzle back to this particular “filling station “ as this would be classified as cross contamination.

2. Multiple users:

The doctor/ dentist/podiatrist will use the needleless system as the one and only method for administering local anaesthesia.
Only one adapter and one or two nozzles will be used per a single patient to administer the entire standard dose that is usually required to perform the procedure.
We are not reinventing the local anaesthesia administration process and doses, we’re only offering an alternative to the conventional syringe and needles.

Client Recommendations

  • Andrew Bacon
    Saved my life. Finally was able to get vaxxed because these guys helped me find a way to do it without a needle. Highly recommended!
    Andrew Bacon
  • David Hunt
    I use Comfort-In for my procedures. It is a fast efficient needless system that is great for patients who fear needles. It is very effective and reduces the amount of lignocaine I need to use with the benefit of less distortion of the anatomy.
    David Hunt
  • Edward Ferdinando
    Comfort-in needle free device As a retired foot/ankle surgeon suffering for years with intractable cerviogenic migraines complicated by post craniotomy scalp headache syndrome, I exhausted all medical resources and traditional medical management. I utilized this needle free device which facilitates self administration of trigger point and scalp injections. Personally I have found significant success and a benefit over other medical devices. For barometric pressure induced or chronic tension migraines it may allow 70 - 80% reduction in pain in moderate to severe cases. I found that utilizing buvicaine 0.5 % plain was the preferred anesthetic agent of choice and an individual may consider using lidocaine 5% cream pre injection.
    Edward Ferdinando

The Right Kit for You

The Right Kit for You


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