Contrary to conventional local anaesthesia dental injections methods, infiltration with Comfort-in™ delivers the local anaesthetic submucously down the periosteum.

This leads to a more rapid diffusion and resorption and a quicker rise to the effective concentrations.

The past decades have been dedicated to research and development in collaboration with dentists to develop a solution for local anaesthesia, without using needles.

The solution is to apply a local anaesthetic in the mucous membrane where it is spreading in the deeper layers of the gums, creating a sufficient effect much faster than the anaesthesia needle.

Many clinical trials have proved that drug distribution is done in a more suitable way than using a traditional syringe (multi-jet technology). The given doses are definitely much lower and the risk of side effects is considerably reduced.

For most of us, the thought of a needle when going to the dentist is something we dread. But, with needle free dental injections, you can put that fear to rest.

Feel the Difference with the Comfort-in™

Comfort-In™️ Dental SOFT injector

The Dental Injections solution Comfort-in™️ is a needle-free instrument which injects local anaesthesia solutions with virtually no pain.
Currently used worldwide in a dental setting by dentist, periodontists and orthodontist as an alternative to traditional needles reducing fear and trauma associated with traditional needle and syringe injections.
The Comfort-in™️ Dental is currently used to perform both infiltrations and blocks. It provides adequate numbing when the entire dose is administered as it would with a syringe and needle in stages of 0.5ml at a time using the same (economic)nozzle multiple times or using different nozzles each time or as pre numbing.
Note: The device is not autoclavable, disposable components used.


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