Insulin Pen adapter for Comfort-in™ (30)


  1. The pen adapter is designed to transfer insulin or any other medication which is supplied in needle pen injectors, directly from the pen into the needle-free syringe/nozzle. It fits most of the available pens and is screwed on the pen instead of the needle.

To use it, the needle-free syringe should be attached to the pen adapter and then the syringe is filled by activating the pen trigger and pressing the trigger firmly for a few seconds to allow all of the desired dose to be transferred and the needle-free syringe will be filled automatically. It will require practice. It is recommended to transfer large doses in multiple actions.

Pen adapters for Comfort-in™ injection system

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Insulin Pen adapter for Comfort-in™ With a needle to penetrate the insulin cartridge

Box of 30.


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