Tips for Testosterone Injections

PLEASE DO NOT attempt to inject a full dose of 0.5mL as you will find it unpleasant. Multiple injections of 0.25 or 0.3ml at a time is ok.

  1. Practice injecting with saline solution prior to testosterone.
  2. Get familiar with the device, know how to match the strength of the injector to the desired dose.( can send you videos)
  3. After practice with saline, start with small dose of testosterone, no more than 0.2-0.25 at a time.
  4. Practice injecting yourself in different parts of your body, abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs by yourself, for injecting your shoulder and back of your arm ask for assistance.
  • We sell only the EC certified Comfort-in™ please be aware of fake and copies.
  • We use courier with tracking accompanied with documents , you will receive your order in few days but your country’s customs might charge duties.

TRT Testosterone Replacement Therapy
We have two devices suitable for Testosterone:
1. Intramuscular

2. Subcutaneous

Please search on your preferred search engine : differences between subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of testosterone and or "micro dosing"
Subcutaneous Administration of Testosterone

Injectable Testosterone

The Comfort-in™ is the perfect solution for injecting your growth hormones and liquid vitamins. Select the Most Suitable Injector with us, Intramuscular or Subcutaneous are both available on our online shop

If you are considering injectable testosterone, then remember, that this is a type of steroid that triggers the body receptors to increase the rate of testosterone hormone in the body. But when we are discussing it in the context of biology, then this is an androgenic sex hormone which is usually found in males. The adrenal gland is the source of the secretion of this hormone.

For men, the highest level of testosterone in the body is in the morning. Women also have testosterone in their body, but their level is 10 times lesser than the men’s.

Should you Take Testosterone Injection for Bodybuilding?

Well, the answer to this question completely depends on the individual and how much he has practiced for body building. So the final answer can be only given after a complete analysis of the body. Also, dosage may differ for each Individual therefore you are advised to educate yourself first with qualified professionals only and learn about all hormones functioning. Steroids definitely help in gaining a muscular body but you should not take a risk for your health. To be on the safer side you need to follow Prescription until the complete therapy comes to an end.

Client Recommendations

  • Scott Mess
    5 stars!
    Scott Mess
  • Marc McSweeney
    Fantastic product, fantastic customer service, have recommended to friends
    Marc McSweeney
  • Robin Gene
    Easiest self injection and truly painless. Thank you, I'm thrilled.
    Robin Gene
  • Octavious Brown
    My experience with the Comfort-In has been great. It is a very efficient and easy to operate device which provides a reliable alternative to syringe needles. It has made my bodybuilding more successful by allowing painless injection of my natural anabolic compounds. I recommend it to anyone who supplements for athletic training.
    Octavious Brown
  • Michael Wilson
    If you've ever watched a movie and saw the characters receive an injection with just the click of a button, and wondered when that tech was coming, it's here now. Comfort-In is absolutely incredible. I hate needles, and this has been an absolute game changer for me. I've ordered four injectors and given a couple to friends. Try it, I guarantee you will never go back to regular syringes. To top it all off the customer service is incredible from Comfort In. The owner of the company returned my call on Boxing Day to walk me through a question. I have been beyond thrilled with this product. It's exceeded all my expectations.
    Michael Wilson
  • Preston Tucker
    The Comfort In injector system is incredible and convenient, not just at home but also if you are traveling. It's all contained in a little case that holds the device, the primer, and the injector vials. There is also plenty of room to store vials in it as well, which is what i do. The ease of use and injecting makes this system far better than needles, in my opinion, even if you dont have needle phobia. But for those that do have needle phobia like myself, this device is a godsend and makes injecting just another mundane thing to do. No apprehension, no fear, no worry. It has helped me stay consistent with my injections and, in the end, is helping with my health. I recommend this device to anyone and everyone who does self injections for any type of medication. I myself am from America and am thankful I was able to find this device, even though it's in Australia. The shipping was rather expedient, considering the distance and was hassle free. The support the company provides for any questions or concerns about any part of the device or process is top-notch, and they spend the time to make sure you understand what you need to. Everything about the device and company is beyond stellar. Cant recommend it enough.
    Preston Tucker
  • D gr
    Fantastic product and incredible, personal service. I recommend this to anyone who might need injections on a regular basis, but are afraid of needles. Highly recommended.
    D gr
  • K9 Saint
    Fast and efficient, I have the intramuscular version. Beats sharps in everyway. Well worth the investment take the guess work out of injections. I personally use mine for testosterone injections, smooth sleek and easy. Excellent customer service and the owner is top notch. Cheers!
    K9 Saint
  • Nathan Powell
    This device is an absolute saviour. I've had a viscous needle phobia for years that prevented me from accessing medical treatment, there was just no chance I was going to stick a 2 inch needle into myself and was suffering as a result. This completely removed that scenario. I use the intramuscular injector and it's as simple as pressing it into the skin, pushing a button and it's done. Absolutely pain free. Seriously. All you feel is the pop of the injector spring releasing and that's it. Couldn't be happier with this product and the customer service and support has been outstanding. Eradicate the pre-injection anxiety attack and get one.
    Nathan Powell
  • Derek McCabe
    Awesome bit of kit. I'd developed a phobia of needles after a few medical procedures last year but still had to inject testosterone once every three weeks. That became impossible till this turned up, now it's a simple process, I use it once a week which keeps me much more stable and is more effective. I've reduced my dosage by a third overall but have a much more stable level. Can't recommend it highly enough!
    Derek McCabe
  • Tom
    Anyone taking Peps or TRT must try this! I've personally used oils for well over a decade, pinning becoming a real problem due to built up scar tissue, so bad to the point I googled auto injections just so I could do it in different spots without having to twist the body. I did not expect to find NEEDLE FREE auto injection, it sounds to good to be true.. but it's not, it genuinely works and I've already referred it to multiple people. If using thicker based oils more than 250mg just warm the oil up a little bit and it works a charm. One of the most useful items I've purchased in a long time!
  • Lawrence Marshall
    The reason I'm giving this product 5 stars because I would have giving 9 out of 10 because it is just that good. I have a phobia with seeing a needles however with this product it is make it easy for me to take my weekly medication needlessly. The company is legit. They give the best customer service I ever seen in a long time. They will reach out to you and make sure that you know how to use their product with videos and referring you to past customers for their personal experience. If you tired of using needles injection and wish to go needless then this product is for you.
    Lawrence Marshall
  • CJ
    It actually works! When my doctor told me I would need TRT the first thing I thought about was the needles. I hate needles and the entire process of self injection. After my first self injection I IMMEDIATELY started research on alternatives, I didn't want to do that again. After a lot of looking I eventually found the comfort-in. I was excited and skeptical at the same time. I had to order it from Australia and I wasn't sure how it worked and I wasn't convinced it was painless. But.. I hate needles....So after watching some videos of it on YouTube I ordered one and had the opportunity to speak with someone from the team at Comfort-in. They made the process super easy and I received my order in the mail not too long afterwards. I watched all the videos on YouTube of other people using the comfort-in for TRT and gave it a shot. IT WORKS. It's easy to load, it's easy to measure your dose and it's virtually painless. You can feel the pressure of the liquid going into your skin (TRT is oily and thick and warming the vial up under warm water helps) but it's not painful at all. It's as simple and easy to use as it seems. I'm pleasantly suprised and I recommend anyone who needs to self inject get one. My kit includes the Intramuscular Comfort-in, luer adapters so I can draw the testosterone out of the vial with a needle and packs of the Nozzles.


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