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A Needle Free Erectile Dysfunction Injection, the million dollar question is:
Does it really work? The answer is yes, 100% YES, especially with our powerful IM injector.
We do not recommend that men medicated with blood thinners use needle-free injection, blood thinners will cause you to bruise your penis.
Customer Experience with the Comfort-in™ needle free erectile dysfunction injection system

Below is an actual email we received from a customer after using the Comfort-in™:

Nobody likes needles. Whether you are a tough guy or a little kid. Needle free insulin injections are a safe and pain-free solution for people with diabetes and are simple for both adults and children to use. With the Comfort-in™, the needle-free insulin is pushed through a micro-orifice into the superficial skin cells to the tissue below. This is achieved by using a precise measurement of pressure at a fraction of a second without the pain and fear associated with needles.

Discomfort or even anxiety related to regular insulin injections by needles belong to the past now. Irrespective of whether you are changing from an oral dose of medication to insulin therapy or have had to inject insulin several times a day for a long time, with the Comfort-in™ you can inject insulin in a tissue preserving way and avoid possible scar formation from daily needle injections.


Our data is collected from our customers who share their successful experiences with us. The main themes running throughout patient testimonies is that :

Most men were in the early stages of Erectile Dysfunction without Fibrosis.
The individual was guided either by a Nurse or a Urologist.
We are aware that in some cases men bruised the injection site due to the following:

Don’t know how to use the system.
Don’t know how to position the device correctly in 90° to correct injection site.
Injecting right over a blood vessel.
Not applying correct pressure.
The very first successful needle free TRIMIX injection experience shared with us was of a 79 year old man with erectile dysfunction, who had long term use with conventional syringe and needles.

After nearly 20 years of injecting TRIMIX injection into his penis to achieve an erection using needles, he decided to try TRIMIX injection with a needle free injection device that he purchased from us. It took this individual a few attempts at perfecting the needle free injection technique, mainly due to the build up of Fibrosis.

We have come to learn along with our customers that some individuals have encountered bruising on the injection site . The bruising on the injection site is due to injecting directly above a blood vessel. Men who are well informed and educated on how to safely inject using our needle free system are less likely to experience bruising on the injection site. In most cases men purchase the kit and avoid seeking help as they feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to discuss such an intimate topic.

However, without the professional guidance they don’t achieve the desired result which is a needle free injection.

Refer to “Men’s Health Melbourne”

We recommend you to contact “Men’s Health Melbourne” to learn how to inject your TRIMIX for your Erectile Dysfunction. At this exclusive clinic, under the expert direction of Dr Darren Katz (specialist urologist) and his Nurse Practitioner Kath Schubach, you will learn how to safely use the Comfort-in™ Needle Free Injection System. They have knowledge and experience with this device.

To facilitate a timely appointment, please advise the clinic that you are requesting to be taught how to use the Comfort-in™ system.

There is no reason to put your sex life on hold because of a needle.

Erection equivalent to that of a standard needle syringe without any pain

For years men with ED tried needle-based syringe administration, but only few managed to perfect the technique.

If you want to have a needle free solution to your erectile dysfunction problem, you must be trained.

Feel free to contact us, we will refer you to a trained doctor.

A revolution in needle free erectile dysfunction injection technology has occurred with the development of the needle-free injector (see image below) which may be used to administer all of our injection range. The injector utilises high pressure, produced via an inbuilt spring, to force the liquid injection mixture through the skin between superficial skin cells into the tissue below in a fraction of a second. The mixture penetrates to a depth of around 0.9cm which is sufficient for the treatment of ED.

Needle free injections help overcome the fear and hesitation of using an injection as no needle is used. A small study was conducted by a group of Endocrinologists, Diabetic Sexual Dysfunction Specialist and an Erectile Dysfunction Specialist in Tijuana, Mexico. The results of this formal study were presented at a medical Conference held in Acapulco, Mexico in late 1999. It shows that the needle-free injector is able to deliver the medication into the corpus cavernosum, the area where it is needed to work and produced an

Proper Use of Comfort-in™ Needle Free Erectile Dysfunction Injection

The proper location for injection is the 9-11 and 1-3 o’clock positions, between the base and mid-portion of the penis (see diagram to the left). Avoid the mid-line because of potential for injury to the urethra (6 o’clock; for urinary passage) and the penile arteries and nerves (near 12 o’clock). Avoid any visible veins or arteries on the surface.

Once the correct location is found, press the ampoule on the needle-free syringe firmly into the penis at the right angles making a small dent in the skin – this is important! (See image to the right). If the ampoule is held on the wrong angle, you will get a “wet shot” where the mixture will not be injected through the skin.

Once in position, the device is activated to inject it’s contents into the penis.


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