Dogs with Diabetes

The purpose of this page is to make life easier for you and your beloved pet. For us, our dogs have always been a part of our family. In fact, the favourite child, so we know how you feel.

In all enquiries there will be someone stressed about how to deliver the insulin for dogs in the easiest way without needles stick injuries, as no one want to get hurt.
This when you start searching online for an alternative to needles.
We have a group of people located all over the world currently using this device, happy to share their experience with you.
Please watch the videos, read testimonials and ask questions.
Please go to the “contact us” page, where you can email us, WhatsApp, FaceTime, chat. We will answer and in all cases will find someone near you in your time zone ready to help.

Diagnosing diabetes in dogs is easy to confirm with simple tests for glucose (sugar) in the blood and urine. Dogs, just like humans, experience pain and we aim to alleviate the pain associated with needles. If you want to provide your dog with leading care, think about purchasing this device.

How it works?

Liquid medications are transferred into the needle-free nozzle/syringe via adapters. For insulin, we have a vial adaper and an insulin pen adapter. The needle-free nozzle/syringe can contain up to 0.5ml per single injection. After loading the injector, the liquid medication in the nozzle/syringe is propelled effortlessly as a small jet into the body via a spring-action.

The liquid medication disperses into the subcutaneous tissue via the path of least resistance, in a cone-like shape. No sharp needles are penetrating through delicate skin and tissue. This reduces the likelihood of tissue damage, the formation of scar tissue and the chance of developing lipo-hypertrophy (lumps under the skin caused by multiple injections in the same area of skin over an extended period or reusing the same needle without correct sterilization). Insulin is delivered the same way as for humans with our certified subcutaneous injector.

The Comfort-in needle-free injection of insulin for dogs is fast, safe, quickly absorbed by the dog and ‘virtually’ painless. Needle-phobia and the discomfort of ongoing needle injections is a real barrier for many people or animals who require ongoing medical care.

Converting U40 Insulin Units for U100 Insulin Syringes

What is the difference between a U40 insulin syringe and a U100? Well, the main difference is that the marking measurements are for different concentration of insulin. U40 insulin has 40 units of insulin in every ml, and the U100 has 100 units. Therefore, when converting from a U40 syringe to a U100 syringe you are required to multiply your U40 units by 2.5.

40 x 2.5 = 100

Never dose U100 insulin with a U40 syringe as you may put your animals life in danger. Consult your vet if you need more information.

Below is a conversion chart of insulin for dogs with calculations already done.

U40 Units of Insulin (Vetsulin)Using a U100 Insulin Syringe
1 unit Vetsulin equals2.5 units on a U100 syringe
2 unit Vetsulin equals>5.0 units on a U100 syringe
3 units Vetsulin equals7.5 units on a U100 syringe
4 units Vetsulin equals10.0 units on a U100 syringe
5 units Vetsulin equals12.5 units on a U100 syringe
6 units Vetsulin equals15 units on a U100 syringe
7 units Vetsulin equals17.5 units on a U100 syringe
8 units Vetsulin equals20 units on a U100 syringe
9 units Vetsulin equals22.5 units on a U100 syringe
10 units Vetsulin equals25 units on a U100 syringe
11 units Vetsulin equals27.5 units on a U100 syringe
12 units Vetsulin equals30 units on a U100 syringe
13 units Vetsulin equals32.5 units on a U100 syringe
14 units Vetsulin equals35 units on a U100 syringe
15 units Vetsulin equals37.5 units on a U100 syringe
16 units Vetsulin equals40 units on a U100 syringe
17 units Vetsulin equals42.5 units on a U100 syringe
18 units Vetsulin equals45 units on a U100 syringe
19 units Vetsulin equals47.5 units on a U100 syringe
20 units Vetsulin equals50 units on a U100 syringe


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