Needle-Free: Taking the Ouch out of Health & Beauty

beauty needle free

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are prescribed self-injection needles to manage various conditions. Hormone levels, diabetes and even erectile dysfunction are treated in part by patients, at home.

As you might imagine, self-injections can cause a lot of anxiety. After all, they hurt! Now, however, there’s a new technology available to patients who are prescribed these injections: needle-free injections. So what’s the purpose of needle-free injections? Read on to learn if this technology could be right for you.

Needle-Free Injections for Home Healthcare

Millions of patients around the globe depend on self-injections.  Diabetics may need to self-administer insulin. Women undergoing IVF need shots, as well. Men and women alike may inject growth hormones, testosterone or estrogen. And even children may need shots at home. For example, allergy shots may be necessary to kids’ health.

But needles are scary. In fact, it’s so common that there’s even a name for the fear of needles: trypanophobia. That’s where needle-free injections come in. There are now devices available that allow people to administer shots at home without the use of needles. There are many benefits to this, including:

Less damage to skin and muscle tissues
Fewer instances of injury from needles
Elimination or lessening of trypanophobia
Very little to no pain at all
A decrease in anxiety causes less likely to miss a dose

Of course, it’s not just home health care that benefits from needle-free injections. Doctors and dentists can use the technology, too. For instance, a paediatrician’s office may choose to use needle-free injectors to administer immunizations to children, virtually eliminating the fear of the doctor’s office.

Needle-Free Injections for Beauty Care

It’s not only patients who benefit from needle-free injections. The tools have cosmetic uses as well. Today, there’s a huge market for subcutaneous (under the skin) injections for beauty treatments.

As an example, there are almost 10 million Botox injections performed each year. One of the downsides to these injections was the “needle mark” at the site of the injection. It’s unsightly and discouraged people from continuing their treatment.

Another downside was the injection site, itself. In some cases, injections have to be made in thin areas, without a layer of fat beneath. For example, the forehead. Needle-free injections are easier in these injection sites as there are adaptors available for the devices.

Mesotherapy is a procedure for weight loss as well as overall skin rejuvenation. It’s the injection of tiny bits of pharmaceuticals under the skin which work to break down fat and cellulite. It’s a very effective treatment but, of course, it requires needles.

Needle-free injections have changed this procedure. According to skincare experts, The Youthistmesotherapy can now be performed with minimal pain, allowing clients to lose weight gently”.

How Do Needle-Free Injections Work?

Needle-free injections work by using a high-pressure force to push medication through the skin. The “needle” is specially designed for this purpose, is very thin and causes virtually no pain.

Of course, different medications have different thicknesses. As an example, testosterone is a thick liquid, and the needle gauge (diameter) must be larger to accommodate. Needle-free injectors can work with these fluids, too. There are adaptors available for just about every type of injection. The result is a pain-free shot, regardless of medication.

In most cases, you won’t need a prescription to buy needle-free injectors. You’ll certainly want to speak to your doctor about the options available to you. But needle-free injections are considered generally safe, even for use in children.

Who Can Use Needle Free Injections?

In short, anyone can use needle-free injections. They’re particularly useful in home health care. But as an estimated 20% of people are afraid of needles, they’re becoming more and more popular in doctors’ offices and hospitals as well.

Anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists and fertility specialists are among some of the first professionals to use this technology. These doctors frequently inject patients in very sensitive areas, and the elimination of needles benefits both the patient and the doctor.

Needle-free injection devices are very economical. The syringes aren’t reusable, as using them again might compromise the sterility. But the device itself can be used thousands of times before replacement is necessary. And most injection kits are very discreet and portable. Patients can self-medicate at work or in public, privately.

Whether you’re using needles to manage a health condition, to introduce vitamins to your body or for cosmetic purposes, ask your doctor if needle-free injections are right for you. You can look forward to losing your fear of needles, and take care of your health painlessly and safely.