Using Comfort-in™ for Injecting Insulin with our Diabetic Dog Benny

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In February of 2014, we took one of our dogs (Benny) to the vet for an exam because he was overweight and very lethargic. Test results showed his blood sugar was 550 and diabetic. At the time he was only six years old, and the prospect of injecting him with needles for the rest of his life was overwhelming.

Without knowing of any alternatives for needles I searched and found the Zoe Pet Injector. We made an order but had to wait a few weeks until it arrived. For the time being, we had to use needles. Somehow that went ok for the first two weeks, but then Benny just didn’t want to cooperate, and I was getting stressed.

When the injector arrived, we visited the vet again to do a practice injection and determine the right dose. As nervous as Benny usually is, he handled the practice injection just fine.

At home, twice daily injections were easy enough although the Zoe injector was not the simplest to use and maintain. Benny cooperated in spite of the loud click of the injector. It took a bit of trial and error to get the dose just right, but we did get his blood sugar down to 100-200.

Fast forward to July 2015. One injector has already broken, and the company is out of business, so I am back on Google searching for a new brand. That is when I found the Comfort-in™ needle-free injector. We have been using Comfort-in™ injectors ever since and are so much happier with how it works.

We have learned some tricks over the last three years. Injection location depends on the dog (check with your vet for the best spot). For Benny, it is on his back. We inject on the right side of the back for a while and then switch to the left. If the injection site becomes swollen or dry that is the time to switch. Otherwise, the injection will not be effective. Shaving some hair off also helps.

After all this time Benny and I have settled into an easy twice-daily routine. After eating he often gets right on to his pillow ready for his injection. He is just getting set for his treats. For a long time, we only gave him a treat after the injection but because injectors have at least a faint click that can sometimes startle Benny I distract him by giving him a treat right when I give him the injection. Our other dog, Axel, who we call the supervisor, also gets a treat.

Using the Comfort-in™ injector is a simple, effective and stress-free process that takes less than a few minutes. I can’t imagine being without one.

Terry Wittenberg
Fredericksburg, TX


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