General Surgery

General Surgery Using a Needles Injector

A needleless injection can be used by surgeons, doctors, and nurses instead of a needle to administer anesthesia needed for a variety of different surgical procedures. General surgery using a needles injector has been considered safe and easy.

There are two types of professional users:

1. Single use:

The surgeon/dentist or podiatrist will use the needleless system as a “Pre-numbing” stage. A comfortable head starter for preventing anxiety and pain, later on to continue with the conventional syringe and needles.

Fill the nozzles with local anaesthesia and keep them ready for use, “with intentions to discard the nozzle after it came in contact with the patient”.

In a dentist office:

  • There will be a dedicated conventional syringe with a dental adapter “permanently “ attached.
    In a Surgery
  • There will be one Luer adapter or T Adapter only as a filling station.
    “A practitioner will NOT return a used nozzle back to this particular “filling station “ as this would be classified as cross contamination.

2. Multiple users:

The doctor/ dentist/podiatrist will use the needleless system as the one and only method for administering local anaesthesia.
Only one adapter and one or two nozzles will be used per a single patient to administer the entire standard dose that is usually required to perform the procedure.
We are not reinventing the local anaesthesia administration process and doses, we’re only offering an alternative to the conventional syringe and needles.

The Pollock Technique

The Pollock Technique™ for circumcision is a virtually painless method involving the use of a Mogen clamp under a long-acting local anesthetic. After much research, we find this approach is less invasive, there’s less handling of the tissue. It’s also 10x faster than traditional circumcisions. The shorter the duration of any surgical procedure, the easier it is on the patient.

This method eliminates needle use and may decrease the fear of local anesthetic injection used for male circumcision.

The no-needle jet injection is safe and effective for circumcision. The technique efficiently delivers local anesthesia with rapid onset in a male patient undergoing circumcision. This needle-free approach has enhanced the popularity of adult male circumcision.

Local Anaesthesia Needleless

Local anesthetics need to be deposited as close to the nerve as possible so that optimal diffusion of the drug may occur,

Peripheral Nerve Blocks

A nerve block is an injection of a local anaesthetic to numb the nerves supplying a particular part of the body, such as the hand, arm or leg.

It may be used so an operation can be carried out without needing a general anaesthetic, or to prevent pain afterwards.

Nerve Block

A nerve block involves injecting local anaesthetic around a cluster of nerves that supply a particular part of the body, such as the arm or the leg. These numb a large area. Nerve blocks may be used during and after surgery, for example on the hip or knee.

Local anaesthetics stop the nerves in a part of your body sending signals to your brain.
Local anesthetics can also be given as an injection. Injectable anesthetics are typically used for numbing during procedures, rather than pain management.

Procedures that might include an injection of a local anesthetic include:
• Dental work, such as a root canal
• Skin biopsy
• Removal of a growth under your skin
• Mole or deep wart removal
• Pacemaker insertion
• Diagnostic tests, such as a lumbar punctureor , bone marrow biopsy

Local Anaesthesia Needleless
Local Anaesthesia Needleless - Inject NeedleFree